We are a relatively young company, where we combine 20 years of knowledge, innovation, practicality and adaptability. In this way, we can serve our customers in all areas of Electrical Engineering, Assembly, Automation, Telecommunications, which are also the acronyms of our company.

In the past, we gained experience in one of the largest foreign companies in Europe, where for many years we manufactured products and started up very complex processes of industrial automation, regulation techniques of devices for biomass and other energy sources, solar techniques, iron industry, waste water treatment, drinking water pumping stations, telecommunication systems for control, remote control and telemetry data acquisition.

We can also serve very demanding customers, as we offer complete solutions including materials. We supply switch and control components of all well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers at reasonable prices.


Company name: EMAT, MATJAŽ TRAMŠEK s.p.
Address: Zgornja Bistrica 161
Post and city: 2310 Slovenska Bistrica
Registration number: 3586146000
VAT number SI: 63702959
Liable for VAT: Yes (SI63702959)

Company size: (3 or 4 employees)
Company form: s.p.
Court registry date: 27.7.2009
Activity: F43.210 – Installation of electrical wiring and devices